Arched Auto-Sealing Lids with Wide Tabs for PCR Plates #MSL2032



Pkg of 4, reusable sealer with metal backing for PCR plates, designed for robotic gripping



Use Arched Auto Sealing Lids with Wide Tabs for automated PCR. The lids are constructed of a compressible pad of Microseal® ‘P+’ material attached to rigid metal.

  • Rigid metal for easy removal by robotic devices with grippers
  • Can be used with Moto Alpha™ Motorized Cycler Lid for a very tight seal, permitting cycling of very low-volume reactions (down to 1 μl) in 384-well PCR plates
  • May be reused up to 50 times; wipe with 10% bleach, followed by an ethanol or ddH2O rinse prior to each use

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