Slanetz and Bartley Agar, Base Medium #3564934


500 g
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use Slanetz and Bartley Agar (also known as Enterococcus Selective Agar) for the detection and enumeration of Enterococci, which form red or maroon colonies. Generally, the membrane filtration technique is used with this agar for water samples, including drinking and waste water.

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Product Packaging Catalog Number
Slanetz and Bartley Agar; Complete Medium 10 x 55 mm plates 3563716
Slanetz and Bartley Agar; Complete Medium 100 x 55 mm plates 3563981
Slanetz and Bartley Agar; Base Medium 500 g, dehydrated 3564934


Certified NF VALIDATION as part of ISO 7899-2 standard and validated by the AOAC

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