CheckN'Safe™ Enterococci Kit, 60 tests #3554721



Pkg of 1, kit for use with the XplOrer64™ System, 60 x 9 ml vials of intestinal Enterococci selective medium
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the CheckN'Safe Enterococci Kit for water quality testing by detecting and quantifying Enterococci in recreational bathing waters, both fresh and marine. The presence of intestinal Enterococci in water indicates fecal contamination. CheckN'Safe Kits are used with the XplOrer64 System to provide real-time (every 10 minutes) results. Make same-day decisions about open and closed recreational areas by getting results in hours not days.

Features and Benefits

  • First alternative method to MUG/EC and MUD/SF microplates (Reference Methods EN ISO 9308-3 for E. coli and 7899-1 for Enterococci) to be certified by AFNOR validation for water monitoring
  • Quantify without confirmation (after generation of a single calibration curve at first use)
  • Random access loading of up to 64 samples for high flexibility and throughput; CheckN'Safe Enterococci vials can be run in parallel with CheckN'Safe E. coli or coliform vials
  • Automated method from testing to final report; information available in real-time
  • The higher the level of microbiological contamination, the shorter the time to results

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