OQ Kit for CFX Automation System II #1845081



OQ Kit for CFX Automation System II, includes OQ Protocol, 50 barcoded 96-well plates, 50 barcoded 384-well plates, and 100 Microseal® 'B' Adhesive Seals



Use this OQ (Operational Qualification) Kit for the CFX Automation System II to ensure that your robotic plate handler is functioning properly.

The kit includes accessories required to complete this qualification and document the results:

  • Detailed protocols describing the steps involved
  • Barcoded 96-well (HSP-9955) and 384-well (HSP-3905) plates, and Microseal ‘B’ Adhesive Seals (MSB-1001)

Description of Services

The CFX Automation System II OQ Kit includes a protocol to verify and document that the robot is performing according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The thorough evaluation includes:

  • Documenting essential system information, including information on robot hardware and software, and related computer and CFX System information
  • Completing instrument verification and service system tests
  • Performing tests that examine the calibration of the automation system
  • Completing an operational run using barcoded plates to verify system performance

Related Products

The table below lists the IQ and OQ Services offered for the CFX Automation System II.

Instrument for Qualification Services Covered Certified Field
Service Engineer
Conducts Service
Catalog Number
CFX Automation System II IQ and OQ No 184-5080
CFX Automation System II OQ No 184-5081
CFX Automation System II IQ and OQ Yes 184-5082
CFX Automation System II OQ Yes 184-5083

More Information

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