Bio-Plex Pro™ RBM Human Kidney Toxicity Panel 1 #171ATR1CK



1 x 96-well, includes magnetic capture beads, detection antibodies, standards, controls, diluent, buffers, streptavidin-PE, flat bottom plate, and plate seals, for the detection of 6 kidney toxicity markers in human urine
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



The Bio-Plex Pro human kidney toxicity panel 1 immunoassay is an all-in-one 1 x 96-well kit that includes premixed magnetic capture beads and detection antibodies, standards, 2-level controls, standard diluent, buffers (blocking, sample dilution, and 10x assay), 10x streptavidin-PE, flat bottom plate/seals, and instructions for the detection of the following analytes:

  • Calbindin
  • Clusterin
  • GST-π
  • IL-18
  • KIM-1
  • MCP-1

Instrument Compatibility