Trans-Blot Turbo RTA Mini 0.45 µm LF PVDF Transfer Kit, for 40 blots #1704274



Ready-to-assemble transfer kit includes 40 mini-sized 0.45 µm LF PVDF membranes (7 x 8.5 cm), 80 transfer stacks, 1 L 5x transfer buffer, and 2 gel trays for wetting and equilibrating membranes and transfer stacks
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the Trans-Blot Turbo RTA transfer kit for fast, efficient protein transfer with the Trans-Blot Turbo rapid western blotting transfer system.

  • Economical transfer option for high-throughput labs
  • Optimized buffer, membrane, and filter paper combination
  • Low-autofluorescence PVDF membrane for higher sensitivity and improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • For 40 mini-gel transfers; requires assembly

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Trans-Blot Turbo
Transfer Packs and Kits
Preassembled Transfer Packs
(10 Transfers)
Ready-to-Assemble Transfer Kits
(40 Transfers)
Membrane Type Mini Midi Mini Midi
0.2 µm PVDF 1704156 1704157 1704272 1704273
0.45 µm LF
(low fluorescence) PVDF
1704274 1704275
0.2 µm Nitrocellulose 1704158 1704159 1704270 1704271

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