Trans-Blot Turbo Cassette #1704151



Pkg of 1, cassette with lid, to hold 1 midi or up to 2 mini blotting sandwiches, for use with Trans-Blot Turbo transfer system



Use the Trans-Blot Turbo cassette for fast, efficient protein transfer with the Trans-Blot Turbo rapid western blotting transfer system.

  • Holds 1 midi-gel or 2 mini-gel blotting sandwiches
  • Ideal for use with Trans-Blot Turbo preassembled transfer packs

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Trans-Blot Turbo
Transfer Packs and Kits
Preassembled Transfer Packs
(10 Transfers)
Ready-to-Assemble Transfer Kits
(40 Transfers)
Membrane type Mini Midi Mini Midi
PVDF 170-4156 170-4157 170-4272 170-4273
LF PVDF 170-4274 170-4275
Nitrocellulose 170-4158 170-4159 170-4270 170-4271

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