Trans-Blot® Turbo™ Transfer System #1704150



Blotting instrument, includes base, 2 cassettes to hold 1–2 midi or up to 4 mini blotting sandwiches, blot roller



Trans Blot Turbo

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The Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System includes everything you need to perform fast, high-efficiency semi-dry blotting protein transfers.

The Trans-Blot Turbo System is a component of the Bio-Rad V3 Western Workflow™, an integrated five-step system to streamline your entire western blotting protocol.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality protein transfer in 3 min — transfer 1–4 mini gels or 1–2 midi gels in a single run
  • Higher transfer efficiency than other protein blotting methods
  • Faster and more efficient transfer than wet tank blotting

Product Contents

  • Trans-Blot Turbo Blotting Instrument
  • 2 blotting cassettes
  • Blot roller

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View our wide selection of transfer membrane sandwiches for the Tran-Blot Turbo System:

  • Preassembled transfer packs for 10 transfers
  • Ready-to-assemble kits for 40 transfers
  • PVDF, low fluorescence (LF) PVDF, or nitrocellulose membranes
Trans-Blot Turbo
Transfer Packs and Kits
Preassembled Transfer Packs
(10 Transfers)
Ready-to-Assemble Transfer Kits
(40 Transfers)
Membrane type Mini Midi Mini Midi
PVDF 1704156 1704157 1704272 1704273
LF PVDF 1704274 1704275
Nitrocellulose 1704158 1704159 1704270 1704271

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