SEQuoia RiboDepletion Kit, 24 reactions #17006487


Pkg of 1, kit for 24 reactions, includes 880 µl SEQuoia Ribodepletion Amplification Mix, 110 µl SEQuoia Ribodepletion Probe Mix, 65 µl SEQuoia Ribodepletion primers, and 2,500 µl SEQuoia Ribodepletion beads

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Use the SEQuoia RiboDepletion Kit to eliminate cytoplasmic ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and mitochondrial ribosomal RNA (mt rRNA) sequences from an RNA-Seq library. Efficient removal of rRNA is critical to enable cost-effective sequencing of RNA samples. The SEQuoia RiboDepletion kit is a stand-alone post-library depletion kit that effectively eliminates ribosomal RNA fragments from an RNA-Seq library.

Ribodepletion of total RNA before library construction can result in the loss of rare or low-abundance transcripts. The SEQuoia RiboDepletion Kit depletes rRNA post-library preparation, exhibiting superior performance in profiling the whole transcriptome, retaining and capturing small RNAs while minimizing the loss of rare transcripts and RNA from limited samples.

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SEQuoia RiboDepletion Kit  (SDS)gene

Bulletin# 170-06487-MSDS

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