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The FDA-cleared QXDx AutoDG Droplet Digital PCR System includes QXDx Automated Droplet Generator, QXDx Droplet Reader, QXDx Laptop Computer, and QXDx Software. The same FDA-cleared system can be used with the RUO software for probe-based ddPCR applications.



Use the QXDx AutoDG ddPCR System, Bio-Rad's FDA-cleared Droplet Digital PCR System with cleared or approved in vitro diagnostic assays. Additionally, this same FDA-cleared Droplet Digital PCR technology can be used to provide precise and accurate measurements with absolute quantification of DNA and RNA molecules for a wide variety of research applications.

The system includes the QXDx Automated Droplet Generator and enables up to 96 reactions at a time.

Features and Benefits

  • FDA-Cleared — the first FDA-cleared ddPCR system giving the industry a quality product with great sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Absolute quantification — absolute count of target DNA copies per input without the need for standard curves
  • Highest precision and sensitivity — enriched template concentration in target-positive droplets enabling higher precision and sensitivity than NGS and quantitative PCR (qPCR)
  • High throughput — simple and easy-to-use workflow with 96-reaction throughput
  • Removal of PCR efficiency bias — error rates are reduced by removing the reliance on amplification efficiency of qPCR due to high tolerance of PCR inhibitors

Product Contents

  • QXDx Automated Droplet Generator
  • QXDx Droplet Reader
  • QXDx Software

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The QXDx AutoDG ddPCR System is used and validated with the following thermal cycler specifications:

  • Accuracy: ±0.2°C
  • Uniformity: ±0.4°C well-to-well within 10 sec
  • Adjustable ramp capability with required ramp rate: up to 2°C/sec
  • Temperature range: 0–100°C

The C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler with 96–Deep Well Reaction Module (1851197) was used during the development and validation efforts of all QXDx products.

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Supporting Documents

QXDx Droplet Reader and QuantaSoft Software Instruction Manual

Online Resources

Introduction to Digital PCR

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