Professional Micropipet Backpack Starter Set #1660486EDU

professional micropipet backpack starter set


Starter set, includes 4 professional micropipets (0.5–10 μl, 2–20 μl, 20–200 μl, 100–1,000 μl), carousel micropipet rack, 4 racks of pipet tips (TBR-14, -35, -40, Prot/Elec), Bio-Rad backpack (style may vary); for education use only



The Professional Micropipet Backpack Starter Set consists of 4 Professional Adjustable-Volume Digital Micropipets and matching pipet tips in sizes covering all common laboratory applications requiring precise transfers of small sample volumes, and a convenient benchtop micropipet rack. The bonus Bio-Rad backpack allows for easy storage and transport of all components.

Professional Adjustable-Volume Digital Micropipets are autoclavable, and feature a digital dial with volume lock, slender, contoured grip, and an ergonomic handle and tip ejector. Pipets include a three-year warrantee. Learn more about the Professional Adjustable-Volume Digital Micropipet series.

Each backpack includes:

  • 4 racks of pipet tips
    • TBR-14, 1–10 µl standard pipet tips (2239354EDU)
    • TBR-35, 1–200 µl standard pipet tips (2239347EDU)
    • TBR-40, 100–1,000 µl standard pipet tips (2239350EDU)
    • Prot/Elec, 1–200 µl pipet tips for gel loading (2239917EDU)

A P2, 0.1–2 µl Professional Adjustable-Volume Digital Micropipet (1660499EDU) is available separately.

Standard pipet tips, as well as special purpose pipet tips ideal for loading SDS-PAGE gels and tips with aerosol barriers ideal for PCR experiments, for all our micropipets are available in bulk or racked formats in several colors. All are certified free of pyrogen, DNase, and RNase. Learn more about pipet tips.

Picture for illustration purpose only. Actual product look my vary.