Chelex 100 Chelating Resin, molecular biology grade, 200–400 mesh, sodium form, 50 g #1421253



50 g, molecular biology grade cation exchange resin, sodium form, 1% cross-linkage, 200–400 dry mesh size, 75–150 µm wet bead size, ~3,500 MW limit, can be used for chromatography or molecular biology applications

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Chelex 100 and COVID-19

Chelex 100 Resin in Pathogen Detection

Streamline your viral RNA extraction with Chelex 100 Resin
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Choose molecular biology grade Chelex 100 Resin, a weak cation exchange media, for chelation, DNA or RNA preparation for PCR or RT-PCR, or other cation exchange protocols. Use this sodium-form resin for gravity or low-pressure chromatography.

  • Fine-mesh resin is effective for high resolution analytical protocols
  • High degree of selectivity for divalent over monovalent ions (approximately 5,000 to 1)
  • Strong attraction for transition metals, even in highly concentrated salt solutions
  • Inactivates enzymes, including metallo-nucleases, that require divalent cations for activity
  • Enables fast, easy and cost-effective method for nucleic acid preparations from many sample types including forensic, tissues, viruses and bacteria
  • Certified to be free of endo- and exonucleases, and ligase inhibitors
  • Larger volumes and special packaging are available upon request

Product Options

Resin Strength Grade* Crosslink Ionic Form Dry Mesh Wet Bead Size µm MW Limit Catalog Number
Chelex 100 Weak Analytical 1% Sodium 50–100 300–1,180 ~3,500 1422822
Chelex 100 Weak Analytical 1% Sodium 100–200 150–300 ~3,500 1422832
Chelex 100 Weak Biotech 1% Sodium 100–200 150–300 ~3,500 1432832
Chelex 100 Weak Analytical 1% Iron 100–200 150–300 ~3,500 1422825
Chelex 100 Weak Analytical 1% Sodium 200–400 75–150 ~3,500 1422842
Chelex 100 Weak Mol Bio 1% Sodium 200–400 75–150 ~3,500 1421253

*Biotechnology grade resin is certified to contain less than 100 microorganisms per gram; molecular biology grade resin is certified to be endo- and exonuclease-free and contain no ligase inhibitors.

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