Micro-Guard Cation H Refill Cartridges #1250129



Pkg of 2, 30 x 4.6 mm, guard column, hydrogen form, pH range 1–3, for Aminex® hydrogen-form columns
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use Micro-Guard Cation H Cartridges to protect any Aminex H-form HPLC Column. When run resolution begins to degrade, simply and quickly replace the cartridge.

  • Slurry-packed with material similar to Aminex H-Form Columns
  • Max pressure for cartridge in holder is 4,000 psi
  • Materials in contact with mobile phase are stainless steel and Kel-F
  • Maximum recommended temperature is 60°C
  • Shipping solvent is H2SO4

A single Micro-Guard Cartridge is housed in a reusable Standard Cartridge Holder (1250131). A Micro-Guard Cation H Cartridge can be paired with another guard cartridge (usually a Micro-Guard Anion CO3 Cartridge (1250506) in the reusable Deashing Cartridge Holder (1250139).

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Supporting Documents

Micro-Guard Cartridges Instruction Manual
Standard Cartridge Holder and Deashing Holder Instruction Manual
Seal Replacement Instructions for Micro-Guard Cartridges Instruction Manual