PTC Tempo Deepwell Thermal Cycler #12015392EDU

PTC Tempo Deepwell Thermal Cycler


Deepwell, network-connected thermal cycler for PCR, includes PTC Tempo Deepwell instrument, cables; for educational use only (for research instrument, see 12015392)



Use the PTC Tempo Deepwell Thermal Cycler for PCR amplification of up to 96 wells in a deepwell format. It offers:

  • New compact, industrial design — a fresh new look that takes up less bench space in your classroom lab
  • Bright, visible LED status lights — see the run status from across the room
  • Intuitive touchscreen user interface — easy to use straight out of the box
  • Programmable thermal gradient — optimize denaturation, annealing, and extension temperatures in a single run
  • No instrument calibration needed — minimize your cost of ownership
  • Added connectivity with WiFi, network drive access, and cloud accessibility — monitor run progress remotely
  • Expanded memory — easily store more run protocols and reports

Learn more and see other instrument configurations on the PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler for the Classroom product page.