Bio-Plex Data Pro Software #12015390



Bio-Plex Data Pro Plus Software for multi-experiment analysis and advanced data visualization, sharing, and analysis



Use Bio-Plex Data Pro Software to analyze multiplex data generated from the Bio-Plex multiplex system or other platforms utilizing Luminex xMAP technology. The software combines multiple instrument runs to efficiently analyze your multiplex data and allow you to rapidly understand what the results mean in your biological system.

Features and Benefits

Organize Your Data

Bio-Plex Data Pro Software is a true database application. Effortlessly organize large volumes of multiplex data.

  • Combine xMAP data result files into easy-to-manage projects; merge an unlimited number of data runs
  • Quickly label samples with all biologically relevant information for quick data set comparisons
  • Easily sort and filter data
  • Create error-free custom tables of any size for further processing in standard spreadsheets and statistical software

Automate Your Calculations

  • Automate calculations with simple conservative statistics and select subgroups
  • Quickly view your results in a finished state with little input and no need to perform extensive auditing of data
  • Effortlessly change automated calculations to test new hypotheses or account for new insights

Visualize Your Results

  • Quickly present results in a manner that is relevant to your research; instantly create scatter plots, box and whisker charts, bar graphs, and heat maps
  • Instantly update graphs when new comparisons are desired or when different analysis options are applied
  • Effortlessly create graphs without the need to copy and paste to Excel
  • Zoom graphs to full screen
  • Merge data from an unlimited number of data sets
  • Standard curve overlays — overlay as many standard curves from as many instruments runs as you want
  • Saved analysis sessions — the software will remember up to ten customized analysis settings and data charts used to visualize the results

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