SEQuoia Dual Indexed Primers Set #12011928



For use with SEQuoia Complete Stranded RNA Library Prep Kits. Contains 12 unique dual indexed primers supplied in 12 separate vials, for 96 reactions



SEQuoia Dual Indexed Primers are high-quality, ready to use i5 and i7 indexed primer pairs that are designed for use with SEQuoia Complete Stranded RNA Library Prep Kits to construct libraries for multiplex sequencing using Illumina platforms. The nucleotide sequence of each primer set has been balanced to achieve optimal multiplexed sequencing results.

The SEQuoia Dual Indexed Primers Set contains 12 unique dual indexed adapters in 12 separate vials with sufficient volume for eight reactions per vial.

Product Content

  • 12 vials of 12 unique indexed primers (25 µl each, sufficient for 8 reactions per vial)

Packaging Options for SEQuoia Unique Dual Indexed Primers

Description No. Reactions Catalog No.
Set of 12 vials 96 12011928
One 96-well plate 96 12011930

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Guaranteed for 12 months at –20°C in a constant temperature freezer. Multiple freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided

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