Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A RoboColumn, 600 µl #12007395



1 row of 8 columns, 600 µl, RoboColumn unit prepacked with Nuvia aPrime 4A, 50 µm particle size

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Nuvia aPrime 4A is a hydrophobic anion exchange resin designed to provide high efficiency and productivity for process-scale purification of a wide variety of therapeutic proteins. It can be used for both capture and polish purification of biomolecules that are difficult to purify. Nuvia aPrime resin’s mixed-mode ligand structure provides the unique advantage of an optimal balance between high target yield and purity.


  • Broad range of binding and elution conditions for optimal process scale-up
  • Easy parameter manipulation for complex feed stream purification
  • Exceptional clearance of impurities with high target recovery

Product Formats

Product Catalog Number
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 25 ml 12007397
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 100 ml 12007396
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 500 ml 12007379
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 5 L 12007380
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 10 L 12007391

Coming SoonScreening Tools

  • Foresight CHT XT Column, 1 ml

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A Column, 1 ml


  • Foresight CHT XT Column, 5 ml

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A Column, 5 ml


  • Foresight CHT XT, 200 μl Robocolumn

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A RoboColumn Unit, 200 μl


  • Foresight CHT XT, 600 μl Robocolumn

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A RoboColumn Unit, 600 μl


  • Foresight CHT XT, 20 μl Plates

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A Plates, 20 μl


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