iScript™ Explore One-Step RT and PreAmp Kit, 50 x 50 µl rxns #12004856



50 x 50 µl reactions, contains iScript Advanced Reverse Transcriptase, 2x PreAmp Mix (dNTPs, Sso7d fusion polymerase, salts, enhancers, stabilizers, and other proprietary components), reaction booster, DNase, DNase buffer, nuclease-free water
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the iScript Explore One-Step RT and PreAmp Kit to generate preamplified cDNA directly from RNA in a single step. This kit is suited for detecting many targets from a limited sample or for reliable detection of targets expressed at low levels. The patented Sso7d fusion protein provides unbiased target-specific preamplification of up to 100 targets. The kit also integrates an effective genomic DNA removal step, helping ensure only the transcripts of interest are detected by qPCR.

Features and Benefits

  • One-step reverse transcription and preamplification — the first and only kit that eliminates protocol steps by generating preamplified cDNA from RNA in a single step
  • Unbiased preamplification — can reliably profile panels of targets
  • High sensitivity enables reliable detection of genes expressed at low levels
  • Effective genomic DNA (gDNA) removal — provides confidence that results are only for the transcript of interest

Simple Workflow

Simply create gDNA-free, preamplified cDNA by combining the reagents in this kit with RNA sample and PreAmp Assays. This kit contains all of the reagents needed to easily create an unbiased 1,000-fold amplification of cDNA.

iScript Explore

Preamplification of Targets without Bias

Preamplification is a powerful tool to enable highly sensitive detection of a large number of targets from a limited sample. The combination of proprietary buffers and the Sso7d fusion technology enables the iScript Explore One-Step RT and PreAmp Kit to generate unbiased preamplification reactions regardless of the amount of target present.

Importance of Addressing gDNA Contamination in RT-qPCR Gene Expression

Contaminating gDNA in RNA samples can be amplified in experiments that use exonic primers, biasing the results for the transcript of interest. This problem is especially acute for low expressing genes, such as lncRNAs — even a few copies of contaminating gDNA can shift Cq values dramatically. The iScript Explore One-Step RT and PreAmp Kit addresses the issue with a specially formulated DNase that effectively eliminates gDNA from purified RNA.

Applications and Uses

  • For reliable detection of targets expressed at low levels, including
  • Facilitates screening a large number of genes from limited samples, especially powerful when using PrimePCR Arrays
  • Ideal for single cell RT-qPCR workflows
  • For highly sensitive detection when working with limited sample, including laser capture microdissections, needle biopsies, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues

Packaging Options

Kit Size Catalog Number
50 x 50 µl reactions 12004856
250 x 50 µl reactions 17002826

Preamplification Product Comparison

Choose the preamplification product that best suits your needs.

Products Description Key Benefits
iScript Explore One-Step RT and PreAmp Kit cDNA synthesis and preamplification done in a single step
  • RNA is used as sample input
  • Reverse transcription done using gene specific priming
  • Unbiased preamplification
  • Protocol minimizes hands-on time
  • Kit integrates an effective gDNA digestion step
SsoAdvanced™ PreAmp Supermix cDNA synthesis and preamplification are performed using separate kits in two distinct steps
  • Perform cDNA synthesis using any of the iScript Reverse Transcription Reagents
  • cDNA is used as sample input for preamplification reaction
  • Unbiased preamplification
  • Flexibility with cDNA synthesis method of choice
  • Archive cDNA for future studies of different genes

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Shelf life
12 months (from shipping date)
Store DNase buffer at 4°C upon receipt. Store all other kit components at