ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 3 laser (405/488/640 nm) #12004276



ZE5 Cell Analyzer, flow cytometer with 405 nm, 488 nm, and 640 nm lasers, 17 fluorescence detectors, plus SSC, FSC, Everest software, flexible sample loader, ZE5 EYE, integrated fluidics



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Optional Ugrades

  • UV (355 nm) Laser Upgrade Kit
  • Small particle detector Upgrade Kit (on 405 nm laser)
  • External House DI Water Upgrade Kit
  • External DI Water Carboy Upgrade Kit
  • External Waste Carboy Upgrade Kit
  • Everest Software Developer Kit and Application Program Interface (API)

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is an innovative new flow cytometer with flexible configurations designed to meet a broad range of experimental complexities and throughput needs.

  • Can handle a range of workflows— from low-complexity to high-complexity experiments (up to 19 parameters)
  • Accessible to novice flow cytometry users, yet flexible enough for the most experienced flow cytometry professionals

Design features allow for continuous operation and maximum instrument running time in a busy core lab:

  • On-board fluidics, cleaner and QC beads
  • Fluid and reagent hot swap capability
  • Automated startup and QC

The fully integrated sample loader handles tubes or plates without an instrument hardware change for true walk-away functionality:

  • Sample agitation and temperature control
  • Microplate handling (96-well and 384-well standard and deep well plates)
  • 40-tube rack for 5 ml tube loading (12 x 75 mm tubes)
  • 24-tube rack for 1.5 and 2 ml tube loading
  • Stat tube position for single-tube loading (5 ml tube)

Equipped with 3 spatially separated excitation lasers:

  • 405 nm (violet)
  • 488 nm (blue)
  • 640 nm (red)

Configuration Options

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ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 5 laser (355/405/488/561/640 nm) 12004279
ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 5 laser (355/405/488/561/640 nm) with 7 off UV option A 12014135
ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 5 laser (355/405/488/561/640 nm) with 7 off UV option B 12014136
ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 4 laser (405/488/561/640 nm) 12004278
ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 4 laser (405/488/561/640 nm) with SPD 12014138
ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 3 laser (488/561/640 nm) 12004277
ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 3 laser (405/488/561 nm) 12014139
ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 3 lasers (405/488/640 nm) 12004276
ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 3 laser (405/488/640nm) with SPD 12014141
ZE5 Cell Analyzer, 3 laser (405/488/561 nm) with SPD 12014140

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