Quote FAQs


Can I Request a Quote Online?

Bio-Rad customers can submit an online Request for Quote form. This form notifies your local office, who in turn will contact you. You can also request a quote by contacting your local Bio-Rad office.

Requesting a Quote

To request a quote for a product:

  1. Navigate to the product page and click the Ordering tab.
  2. Enter a quantity and click Add to Quote.
  3. Click the shopping cart icon at the far top right of the page. On the cart page, click the Quote Request tab.
  4. Specify the date you need the quote and the date you plan to purchase the item(s).
  5. If you want a copy of the quote request sent to someone, such as your purchasing manager, enter an email address and optional message in the Email Quote to Colleague box.
  6. When ready to submit your quote request, click Submit.
  7. Note: International quotes will be forwarded to the corresponding Bio-Rad subsidiary location for response.

Reviewing Quote Request History

You can review your quote request history on your My Bio-Rad page by clicking Quote Request History (at top left side of page or in the Ordering section in the middle of the page). Your quote request history is listed from most recent to oldest. On the Quote Request History page, each quote request is listed with its quote request number, submitted date, date quote is needed, and a personalized name.

To access detailed information about a specific quote request, click the quote request number.