Genes in a Bottle Home Science Kit

Genes in a Bottle Home Science Kit


Real-life laboratory science makes your invisible DNA visible in a matter of minutes. Dye your precipitated DNA strands and fashion them into a helix necklace, bracelet, or keepsake. Continue the DNA adventures with a total of seven activities.

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Already a hit in classrooms, Bio-Rad's classroom-size Genes in a Bottle™ kit has been optimized and streamlined for easy and fun use at home. This comprehensive and easy-to-use home science kit enables young scientists to make their invisible DNA visible, and then show it off in a clear double helix necklace.

Continue your adventures into the remarkable world of DNA, or what makes us all unique.

  • Learn about the actual double-helical structure of your DNA
  • Color, cut, and fold paper to make a DNA model using the ancient art of origami
  • Color and explore human cells and learn exactly where your DNA comes from

The Genes in a Bottle home science kit also includes two full-color "I Love Your DNA" temporary tattoos.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes everything for two people to isolate their own DNA and keep it in a unique necklace
  • 7 activities including creating an origami double helix DNA model, staining DNA different colors, and more
  • Fun, hands-on educational toy to learn about DNA, genetics, and heredity
  • Full-color, 20-page manual
  • For ages 8+


This set contains chemicals that may be harmful if misused. Read caution labels on individual containers carefully. To be used by children only under adult supervision.

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For making two personal DNA necklaces. Includes buffer, protease + salt, test tubes, disposable pipets, curriculum, and all materials to make DNA necklaces, for 2 people