Now available Bio-Scale™ Mini Apatite Purification Kit

CHT™ ceramic hydroxyapatite and CFT ceramic fluoroapatite have comparable biomolecule separation characteristics,differing mostly in the pH buffer range in which they optimally perform. Ceramic hydroxyapatite exhibits pH stabilityas low as 6.5, whereas the fluorine substitution in ceramic fluoroapatite extends pH stability to as low as 5.6. TheBio-Scale Mini apatite purification kit is designed as a convenient way to evaluate which apatite material providesoptimal chromatographic performance for your application.
  • Prepacked cartridges with CHT Type II ceramic hydroxyapatite and CFT Type II ceramic fluoroapatite forconvenient process development
  • Low bed volume allowing minimum requirements for sample and buffer
  • Luer fitting for convenient connection to any chromatographic system
  • Distinct selectivity and different pH ranges