Free Sample of Nuvia™ S Cation Exchange Media

Nuvia S is an ultra high–capacity strong cation exchanger designed for optimal bioprocessing performance. It is built on the macroporous rigid UNOsphere ion exchange media base matrix with proprietary surface extender technology. The innovative design of Nuvia S gives the media superior binding capacity across a range of both pH and conductivity and over a broad range of flow rates.

The unique performance characteristics of Nuvia S make it suitable for both capturing and polishing steps of protein therapeutics. Nuvia S delivers value and flexibility by allowing users to achieve higher binding capacity at faster flow rates. Less media is needed and smaller columns can be used to purify a given amount of protein. Additionally, Nuvia S is an exceptional tool for removing product-related contaminants such as mAb fragments and aggregates.

Get a taste of high-capacity performance.
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