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QX ONE Instrument Product Shot

Fully Automated Digital PCR

Droplet generation, thermal cycling, and droplet reading occur in a single instrument:

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Droplet Generation

  • Generates droplets for 16 wells all at once
  • Seals the plate for thermal cycling
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Thermal Cycling

  • Customizes thermal cycling protocols for each plate
  • Offers a temperature gradient option
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Droplet Reading

  • 4-color detection
  • Advanced optics, fluidics, and motion control
  • Displays data for each well during a run
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RFID Scanner

Onboard RFID scanner and RFID‑barcoded consumables allow fast and easy setup and ensure traceability.


Multi-Plate Walk‑Away Operation

Internal plate hotel holds multiple plates and provides an option for continuous operation.

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Onboard Reagents

Room for two bottles each of RFID‑barcoded, hot-swappable Droplet Reader Oil, and Droplet Generation Oil for Probes.

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Completed Plates Hotel

Stores used plates in an isolated plate chamber. Plates can be removed during operation.

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Onboard Waste Management

Holds two closed waste bottles for continuous operation without contamination risk.

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Touch Screen

Onboard high‑resolution 24‑inch touch screen allows easy programming, run monitoring, and full analysis of data.