Proteins - Where DNA Takes on Form and Function

Proteins - Where DNA Takes on Form and Function

May 15, 2009
Dr. Kristi DeCourcy


Electrophoresis of proteins is similar to electrophoresis of DNA, but there are many differences between protein and DNA molecules including composition, charge, size, and variability that must be addressed to separate proteins by size using electrophoresis. This webinar will cover the similarities and differences between DNA molecules and protein molecules and the changes in procedure that are necessary to deal with these differences. After size separation, proteins must be visualized with a dye and the result analyzed, but what information other than size can be gained from a protein gel? Special considerations for working with students and further experiments such as western blotting will be discussed.

About the speaker:
Dr. Kristi DeCourcy received her B.A. in biology from SUNY Purchase, and her M.S. and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in biology and biochemistry, respectively. Her doctoral research focused on protein chemistry and cell biology. For the last 14 years, she has been the laboratory manager for the Fralin Biotechnology Center at Virginia Tech. During that time, she has run the undergraduate molecular biology laboratories, managed a microscopy core facility, and developed and directed a high school outreach program that annually provides equipment and materials to over ten thousand Virginia students.