Moving xMAP Technology Forward: New Targets and High-Sensitivity Precision Pro Assays

Moving xMAP Technology Forward: New Targets and High-Sensitivity Precision Pro™ Assays

March 30, 2007
Dr. Deyrick Dean


Increasing interest in using xMAP technology as an alternative to ELISA and western blot approaches has fostered a demand for new assays that are suitable for a broad range of research applications. This need is not simply limited to new targets. As xMAP technology is more widely adopted, there is an added requirement for assays with higher performance and automation capability. This presentation will discuss the use of the Bio-Plex suspension array system, an integrated open platform for xMAP technology. An overview of the system and its unique set of software tools for instrument control, analysis, and validation, as well as assay options, will be discussed. Focus will be given to applications of xMAP technology and data generated using the Bio-Plex system. In addition, results using a specialized panel designed to address the xMAP user's needs for higher sensitivity and precision when measuring cytokine levels will be presented.

About the speaker:
Dr. Deyrick Dean began working with xMAP technology over six years ago while conducting research at a biotech start-up company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. During the past four years with Bio-Rad Laboratories, he has continued to expand his base of knowledge. In his current role as Bio-Plex program manager, USA, he frequently travels to present technical seminars, consult with researchers, and train laboratories using xMAP technology.