Chromatography 101: An Introduction to Medium Pressure Chromatography

Chromatography 101: An Introduction to Medium Pressure Chromatography

Paul Johnson
Global Marketing Specialist
Bio-Rad Protein Purification


Paul Johnson of Bio-Rad Laboratories presents an introduction to medium-pressure liquid chromatography, using the NGC™ Chromatography System to demonstrate the technique. Paul covers the basic principles of chromatography and touches on applications for the separation of proteins and other biomolecules, including ion exchange, size exclusion, and affinity chromatography.

Bio-Rad's Successful Chromatography webinar series provides an introduction to the different chromatography methods available for research applications.

Most medium pressure chromatography columns work with Bio-Rad's NGC System, a preparative chromatography system designed to rapidly automate the purification of biomolecules. The flexible, modular, and economical design makes NGC Systems the instruments of choice for method development and scale-up. NGC Systems are available in six preplumbed, factory-tested configurations with two different flow rates. Each preconfigured system can be further customized and upgraded by adding valves, detectors, or pumps to meet specific application needs. Any system can be configured for operation at either high or low flow rates by simply changing the pump head on the system pump module. With the NGC System, a single hardware platform can be modified as needed to suit changing applications and scales.