Life Science Product News


Strategic Collaborations in Molecular Residual Disease Monitoring of Cancer and Product Launches in ddPCR Portfolio Advance Corporate Strategy in H1 2024


Bio-Rad launches ChemiDoc Go Imaging System - compact system uses CMOS digital imaging and is compatible with chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection and stain-free technology


New Celselect Slides™ 2.0 design, increases efficiency of circulating tumor cell capture from liquid biopsy samples for enumeration and downstream applications.


Bio-Rad launches four anti-idiotypic antibodies and a new anti-MMAE antibody range, enhancing bioanalytical assay development for preclinical research and clinical trials.


ddSEQ™ Single-Cell 3' RNA-Seq Kit and Omnition v1.1 Analysis Software Enable High-Quality and Affordable Single-Cell Transcription and Gene Expression to Support Molecular Biology, Oncology, and Drug Discovery Research


Bio-Rad's Range of StarBright Dyes Conjugated to Highly Validated Antibodies Now Totals 32 Dyes, Providing Greater Choice and Flexibility for Conventional and Full-Spectrum Flow Cytometry in Immunology Research.


Collaboration Aims to Provide Researchers Cutting-Edge Tools to Enable Transformational Monitoring of Key Biomarkers in Solid Tissue Transplants.


Collaboration Aims to Grow Clinical Evidence Supporting the use of Bio-Rad’s ddPCR™ Technology for Molecular Residual Disease Monitoring of Patients across a Range of Solid Tumor Types


Highly Sensitive and Multiplexed Assay for the Detection, Discrimination, and Quantification of Key Mutations in ESR1 Gene for Breast Cancer, Developed for Bio-Rad’s QX600™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System 


Antibodies Validated for Use with Bio-Rad’s Celselect Slides™ Enumeration Stain Kits Enable Immunolstaining of Captured Circulating Tumor Cells in Liquid Biopsy Samples