Bio-Rad Introduces EveryBlot Blocking Buffer that Offers 5-Minute Blocking Time and Greater Sensitivity for Western Blots


EveryBlot Blocking Buffer provides 5-minute blocking and maximum sensitivity for western blots, regardless of the detection method.

HERCULES, Calif. — November 11, 2019 — Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb) today announced the launch of EveryBlot Blocking Buffer, a western blot blocking reagent that offers 5-minute blocking time and produces higher signal and lower background levels resulting in greater sensitivity for western blots compared to other available blocking buffers.

When attempting to detect a new protein target, researchers often optimize several variables including the use of specific blocking buffers (reagents) when performing western blots. For example, many blocking buffers are optimized for specific detection methods such as chemiluminescence or fluorescence detection and some buffers may not be compatible for detection of some targets. EveryBlot offers superior sensitivity and low background with both chemiluminescent and fluorescence detection across a wide range of targets. In addition, available blocking buffers require blocking times of up to an hour, while EveryBlot Blocking Buffer completes the blocking step in five minutes.

"EveryBlot works with all detection methods and has been tested for compatibility across a wide range of protein targets, which should help eliminate the worry that comes when attempting to detect a new protein on a western blot," said Paul Liu, Bio-Rad Product Manager, Western Blotting.

Key Benefits of EveryBlot Buffer

  • Offers 5-minute blocking time, shortening the duration of the immunodetection step
  • Offers higher signal and lower background levels therefore greater sensitivity than blots blocked with other available buffers
  • Prevents non-specific binding to increase sensitivity
  • Compatible with all detection methods as well as for detection of phosphorylated targets, which eliminates the need for optimization

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