NordVal approval for iQ-Check™ Cronobacter Solution



Cronobacter spp. (formerly named Enterobacter sakazakii) is a major foodborne pathogen associated with rare, but fatal infant infections linked to the consumption of reconstituted Powdered Infant Formulas (PIF)

Bio-Rad provides iQ-Check™ Cronobacter spp. Kit, a rapid and simple qualitative test suitable for infant formulas and environmental samples.

Fast: One day result with one step DNA extraction

Simple: Ready-to-use reagents, automated detection and results interpretation

Flexible: 96-well format for a high throughput screening of up to 94 samples per run

Efficient :

High sensitivity and specificity, NordVal validated


Positive, negative and internal controls included


Can be run in parallel with other iQ-Check™ food tests


Fully integrated with all bio-Rad reagents and instruments (from enrichment to confirmation)

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