Improving Lives in a Responsible & Sustainable Way

Norman Schwartz
Norman Schwartz
President & CEO

Message from Our CEO

Since we first began nearly 70 years ago, Bio-Rad has been committed to its vision of providing useful products and solutions that help life science researchers accelerate the discovery process and clinical diagnostics laboratorians obtain faster, more accurate results.

It is our privilege to be part of the process of helping people live longer, healthier lives, however we realize this aspiration comes with responsibilities to those we serve, the environment, our employees and partners, as well as the many communities in which we work.

Most important to us is ensuring the highest standards of business ethics and integrity throughout our global operation, a responsibility of every employee at Bio-Rad. Equally important is minimizing our impact on the environment and making a difference in the many communities we serve in meaningful ways.

Fulfilling these goals is more complex and challenging than ever before as the world around us continues to evolve, placing new demands and greater expectations on companies. But we are up for the challenge. This report is the first step in a journey to provide our stakeholders the information they need, to see how Bio-Rad operates with the highest ethical standards and how we are making a difference, every day.

Our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report provides an overview of what we are doing to achieve these goals focused on three key areas of corporate responsibility: Operational Integrity, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Impact. As you will see in the following pages, we are dedicated to being the most responsible and sustainable enterprise we can be, creating long-term value for all of those we serve.

  • Corporate Sustainability Report

    Corporate Sustainability Report

    Discover how we make lasting contributions to society in a sustainable and responsible way.

  • Our Approach

    Our Approach

    Our sustainability efforts support our commitment to advancing scientific discovery and improving lives.

  • Our Sustainability Mission

    Our Sustainability Mission

    We are meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.

  • Environmental Sustainability

    Environmental Sustainability

    Learn how we minimize our impact on the environment, at every level of our operation.

  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    We are committed to supporting the communities in which we work and fostering an environment where everyone feels a strong sense of belonging.

  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance

    Learn how we operate with the highest ethical standards worldwide.

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