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    Bio-Rad understands the importance of education. That's why we've partnered with experts to create an online educational library where you can browse, learn and stay relevant in your area of testing.

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Clinical, Serological, and Molecular Aspects of CD36 - Our Newest Blood Group System

Prof. Martin L. Olsson reviews clinical, serological, and molecular aspects of CD36 and describes how it was recently acknowledged by ISBT as the 45th blood group system. He provides solutions to address problems due to anti-CD36 in screening tests for blood group antibodies.

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LabRoots Facing the Challenges of Anti-dsDNA Antibody Testing


Facing the Challenges of Anti-dsDNA Antibody Testing

In this Autoimmune Webinar, Dr. Melissa R. Snyder from the Mayo Clinic will review various anti-dsDNA antibody testing methods and the challenges associated with standardization. She will provide insights on how to manage discrepant results and other questions associated with anti-dsDNA testing methods.

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Antibodies of Undetermined Specificity: A Matter of Concern?

Sandra J. Nance discusses the available publications regarding these unresolved cases along with potential causes and actions/recommendations to ensure the best patient care. She explains the importance of communicating to clinicians that, in some cases, specific antibodies may be identified in subsequent samples.

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    Our Transfusion Science Webinars connect international experts in transfusion sciences to our Immunohematology community through educational content addressing hemolytic anemia, issues in ABO antibody titration, electronic issue in blood transfusion, and more. View our latest webinar or presentations on demand.

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