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Where Do We Stand with Chronic and Invasive Aspergillosis?

In this new Infectious Disease Webinar, Prof. Arunaloke Chakrabarti, MD, will review epidemiological data with a focus on the latest trends regarding invasive and chronic aspergillosis. Prof. Jean-Pierre Gangneux, PhD, will then discuss suitable diagnostic strategies to ensure optimal patient care.

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Sickle Cell Disease and Hemolytic Transfusion Reactions (HTR)

Karina Yazdanbakhsh, PhD, will discuss our current understanding of hemolytic transfusion reactions (HTR) in patients with sickle cell disease, with a focus on potential pathophysiologic mechanisms, recommended approaches to managing HTR, and strategies to prevent the development of HTR.

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HIV Diagnostic Testing in the COVID-19 Era… Are Clinical Laboratories Being Overly SENSITIVE?

This webinar will explore the current state of HIV diagnostic testing and discuss several studies detailing SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccine cross-reactivity, along with the longitudinal specificity of the BioPlex 2200 HIV Ag-Ab Panel.

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    Our Transfusion Science Webinars connect international experts in transfusion sciences to our Immunohematology community through educational content addressing hemolytic anemia, issues in ABO antibody titration, electronic issue in blood transfusion, and more. View our latest webinar or presentations on demand.

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Infectious Disease


  • What Can SARS-CoV-2 Serology Testing Tell Us About Immune Status?
    Two years into the global COVID-19 pandemic, the role of serology testing to evaluate immune responses has not yet been defined. This webinar will explore the role of serology testing to assess immune status. This includes understanding how SARS-CoV-2 serology testing results correlate with individual immune responses to COVID-19 infections or vaccinations, and the value of SARS-CoV-2 serology testing and potential role of quantitative assays in determining protection against COVID-19. This webinar will also review serological responses from SARS-CoV-2 variants with a new quantitative assay that can differentiate multiple neutralizing and binding antibodies within a single test.
  • Making the Choice – Serology Assays in COVID-19 Diagnostics and Surveillance
    It has been suggested that combining serological diagnostic testing with molecular testing may be useful in confirming COVID-19 infection or exposure to the virus. This webinar will look at the role of serology tests in the pandemic response, the clinical value of a Total Ab assay, and the actual performance and clinical utility of Platelia SARS CoV-2 Total Ab Assay for the COVID-19 pandemic response. Presented by Jean-François Mouscadet.

COVID-19 Associated Pulmonary Aspergillosis (CAPA)


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