SELDI Technology

proteinchip seldi system


The ProteinChip SELDI system combines surface-enhanced selective capture with high-sensitivity time-of-flight mass spectrometry for protein profiling, biomarker discovery, and immunoassay applications.

Category Products

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    ProteinChip Arrays

    ProteinChip arrays utilize selective capture strategies to reduce sample complexity, allowing detection of low-abundance proteins for a number of applications, such as protein profiling and biomarker

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    ProteinChip Software

    Software applications were developed for biomarker discovery. Use ProteinChip data manager software for data acquisition of candidate markers. Use ProteinChip pattern analysis software to classify markers.

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    Reagents and Consumables

    Purification products and buffers were developed to help with profiling and quantitation using the ProteinChip SELDI system. Standards, calibrants, and controls are required to ensure accuracy in the

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    ProteinChip Kits

    ProteinChip kits provide all the materials necessary for accurate protein profiling and are designed to guide users through the profiling process.