Rodent Tissues IFA

Rodent Tissues IFA

Highly sensitive rodent stomach and kidney tissue sections may be used to detect anti-mitochondrial (AMA), anti-smooth muscle (ASMA), anti-parietal cell (APCA), and other organ-specific autoantibodies, to better differentiate autoantibodies for liver disease

Category Products

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    Mouse Complete Kits
    Complete kits to detect AMA, ASMA, APCA, and other organ-specific autoantibodies; tissue sections minimize interference from blood group isoantibodies and provide clear fluorescent patterns
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    Accessories for organ-specific IFA autoimmune tests including a slide incubation chamber and cover slips

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    Tissue Controls
    Tissue controls providing easily discernible fluorescent patterns characteristic of organ-specific autoantibodies for referencing IFA results
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    Individual components for organ-specific IFA autoimmune tests including Kallestadmouse stomach/kidney slides, mounting medium, FITC conjugate, PBS, counterstain, and an 8-well blotter