Nucleic Acid Blotting


Vacuum blotter, buffers, membranes, and equipment are offered for blotting DNA or RNA from an agarose gel onto membranes. Membranes include nitrocellulose, Zeta-Probe, Zeta-Probe GT, and C/P Lift membranes.

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    Nucleic Acid Blotting Equipment
    A vacuum transfer system is provided for rapid transfer of DNA or RNA from agarose gels onto membranes. The blotter uses a vacuum pump or house vacuum for uniform transfers of samples from all gel sizes.
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    Nucleic Acid Blotting Membranes
    Bio-Rad membranes for DNA/RNA hybridization include supported nitrocellulose, Zeta-Probe, and Zeta-Probe GT membranes. C/P Lift membrane is available for colony and plaque screening.