Gel Drying


Our gel electrophoresis materials include gel drying accessories for agarose and polyacrylamide gels, providing a low-cost alternative to expensive gel documentation systems. Dried gels are convenient for record keeping in laboratory notebooks.

Category Products

  • lsr_agarose_gel_support_film_pdtn.jpg
    Agarose Gel Support Film
    Dry your agarose gels and save money! Gel support films are a convenient, low-cost way to document and preserve agarose gels. No more Polaroid pictures!
  • lsr_gelair_drying_system_pdtn.jpg
    GelAir Gel Dryer
    The GelAir drying system is designed for the preservation of polyacrylamide and agarose gels. The heated chamber dries mini gels between two sheets of cellophane in 45 minutes.
  • lse_geldrying_solution_pdtn.jpg
    Gel Drying Solution
    Bio-Rad's gel drying solution is a pretreatment for polyacrylamide gels that helps prevent gels from cracking during air- or vacuum-drying.