Gel Column Agglutination Test System

Gel Column Agglutination Test System

The IH-System gel column agglutination has the broadest selection of gel cards available. With the IH-1000 instrument and Bio-Rad’s innovative connectivity, facilities can improve productivity, contain costs and empower smarter QC management.

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    Bio-Rad’s IH-Complete family of Immunohematology Test Systems innovative instrument designs to provide accurate results with the IH-System Gel Cards.

  • Software

    Gain control with IH-Central including IH-Com, BRiCare and Unity Real Time. Unify your platforms as well as access and manage patient data. Monitor your instruments for optimal performance and increase uptime with BRiCare.

  • Reagents

    As the original inventor of the gel method for blood grouping, Bio-Rad offers the IH-System of gel-based cards and liquid reagents designed exclusively to meet the U.S. market needs.