Chromatography Fraction Collectors


The NGC™, Bio-Frac™, and Model 2110 Fraction Collectors are available for use with chromatography systems. Determine compatibility to each Bio-Rad Chromatography System in the fraction collector comparison chart. The
signal import module connects the NGC System to third-party autosamplers for automated sample loading.

Category Products

  • ngc-fraction-collector_tn.jpg
    NGC Fraction Collector
    The flexible, customizable, and high-capacity NGC Fraction Collector works with NGC Chromatography Systems for any application.
  • lsr_biofrac_fraction_collector_pdtn.jpg
    BioFrac™ Fraction Collector
    The BioFrac fraction collector is ideal for analytical and preparative chromatography applications. Easy to program it can be used for basic or complex fraction collection schemes.