A new weapon in the fight against food fraud

THE IDENTIFICATION of meat species is important in the food industry for reasons of transparency when it comes to labelling, origins, and economic transactions. Estimates suggest that food fraud could cost the industry billions of dollars each year. With multiple cases of adulterated meat hitting the food supply, what can be done to overcome and anticipate potential fraudulent events resulting from intentional use of lower value meat or unintentional contamination?

Enter the ID-Check Speciation Solution, newly launched by Bio-Rad, providing a real-time PCR method for meat speciation, or the identification of the animal species from which the meat has originated, in food, feed and environmental samples.


Mike Clark

Mike Clark began his career in 1999 as a microbiologist with Dairy Farmers of America/Chestnut Labs, transitioning to Lab Director and Director of Business Development. Mike joined Bio-Rad in 2012 and is currently Global Marketing Manager, Molecular Food Diagnostics, developing products and strategies for PCR and ddPCR in food diagnostics. Mike serves on the AOAC Board of Directors, Research Institute Advisory Council, Cannabis Analytical Science Program Advisory Council, and multiple working groups, stakeholder panels, and programs.


Giuseppe Tosto

Giuseppe began his career in 1996 in the life science field in Serono Group as Technical Manager. With chemical knowledge and over 20 years of experience in managing sales teams and distributors in this market, he joined Bio-Rad as Account Manager Italy and his current role allows him to share his advice and experience relating to the food, feed and veterinary markets to customers in private and public laboratories.

ID check bovine speciation kit

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