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Personal Genes in a Bottle Kit

Personal Genes in a Bottle Kit

Home Science kits are designed both for kids who are curious about science and for home schooling. Most kits can be used for more than one activity and include all the materials that are needed to conduct the scientific activities and a comprehensive manual. Most important, they are fun as well as educational. Kits include the Personal Genes in a Bottle™ kit (the home version of the popular classroom Genes in a Bottle kit), which lets students visualize their own DNA and display it in a necklace, the DNA Model kit, and The Candy Caper — A Crime Scene Detective kit.

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Genes in a Bottle™ Home Science Kit
Use a real-world laboratory procedure to extract genomic DNA from your own cheek cells then precipitate the DNA and bottle it in a keepsake necklace amulet.

DNA Model Kit
Easily build a biologically accurate DNA model by attaching the foam nucleotide bases, assembling the DNA strands, and then twisting them into the familiar double helix.

The Candy Caper — A Crime Scene Detective kit
Solve a forensic mystery story using real science. Candy provides the crime scene evidence as you engineer a gel electrophoresis system to solve the crime of a stolen cell phone.

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