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  • A1c Efficiency and Productivity:
    Lean Six Sigma Metrics

    Every lab has a unique set of challenges. The automated features of the D-100 System help you achieve Lean Six Sigma objectives.

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  • lab techs holding blood sample

Let the D-100 help you achieve the following objectives and outcomes:

  • improve time icon

    Improve result
    turnaround time

  • touchicon

    Reduce hands-on
    time & touchpoints

  • eliminiate icon

    Eliminate unnecessary

  • improve icon

    Improve lab

  • reduce icon

    Reduce inventory
    storage & waste

  • security icon

    Improve security &

  • increase icon

    Increase lab space &
    improve ergonomics

  • Get More Done with the D-100 System

    Watch the video to learn about the D-100 System's efficient workflow.

A1c Efficiency and Productivity: Case Studies

  • Improve Turnaround Time by 50%

    Learn how the D-100 System helped one lab start reporting all of their results on the same day.

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  • Race to 2,000 HbA1c Results

    Watch how Bio-Rad Smart HPLC simplifies A1c operations and eliminates redundant, low value tasks.

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  • Reduce Hands-on Time by 72%

    See how the automated features of the D-100 System improved efficiency in an immunoassay lab.

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