BioPlex 2200 System: Total Laboratory Automation (TLA)

Maximizing Efficiency in
Your Laboratory Workflow

For Autoimmune, Infectious Disease and Specialty Testing

  • Streamline for Lean
    Laboratory Efficiency

    Connect your BioPlex 2200 System to Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) systems to combine the power and efficiency of multiplex testing with the streamlined workflow of total laboratory automation.

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BioPlex 2200 System TLA Option Benefits

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    Prepares You for Growth

    For those high-volume workdays, run extra samples without extra staff.

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    Tracks Samples Reliably

    Full sample traceability reduces sample-handling errors.

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    Keeps You Up-To-Date

    Point-in-space design simplifies upgrades and installation.

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    Operates During Service and Maintenance Intervals

    Convenient user access for a continuous, fully-operational system at all times.


Complies with CLSI Auto 5A Standards

The TLA option complies with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) Auto 5A standard to ensure universal connectivity between the BioPlex 2200 System and the track line system.


BioPlex 2200 TLA Option for Lean Thinking

How the BioPlex 2200 TLA Solution Addresses "The 7 Wastes"

Connecting the BioPlex 2200 to a TLA system is a powerful solution for reducing "The 7 Wastes" of Lean Thinking. Reducing waste in your lab helps reduce costs, improve quality, and increase productivity and efficiency.

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  • Overproduction

    Minimal reagent preparation with ready-to-use reagents, calibrators and controls frees staff for more complex tasks

  • Transportation

    On-line sample sorting reduces unnecessary movement of samples and distributes workloads quicker for faster turnaround time

  • Overprocessing

    Automated primary-tube sampling reduces pre-analytical sample preparation

  • Excess Motion

    Complete walkaway automation reduces user interaction for optimized workflow

  • Waiting Time

    Random access continuous flow eliminates batch testing and minimizes wait time

  • Scrap

    Quality control beads and traceable sample tubes ensure quality methods and reduces unnecessary test repeats

  • Overstock

    Multiplex chemistry consolidates assays and reduces the amount of space needed to store liquid supplies

Interpretation of each of "The 7 Wastes" may vary depending on the context in which they're used. In the clinical laboratory, they are frequent culprits for the inefficient use of resources. On the BioPlex 2200 System, full automation, random access and multiplex technology, all converge into one powerful solution to reduce "waste" in the laboratory in all of its 7 different forms.