At Bio-Rad, what we do matters — to ourselves, but more importantly to others.

Our principles, our core values and our mission are central concepts that define the essence of who we are as a company.

Together, we must collectively understand, live up to these core values, and appreciate why what we do matters every day.

Who Is Bio-Rad?

We are a global team of innovators, leaders, creators, builders, and problem solvers. We develop state-of-the-art instruments and reagents for life science research laboratories and healthcare facilities all over the world. Our main focus is centered firmly on the success of our customers, and we consider their goals our goals. Together we are helping people everywhere live longer, healthier lives.

“Simply put, Bio-Rad’s Mission is to advance
discovery and improve lives”— Norman Schwartz, President and CEO

Since Bio-Rad's beginning more than 60 years ago in Berkeley, California, we have grown into a leader in the life science and clinical diagnostics industries, with a customer base spanning more than 150 countries. Today, Bio-Rad has grown to more than 8,250 employees, 150,000 customers, and over 10,000 products. We are a business of progress. We are a business of ideas. We are a business of discovery.

Work Culture

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We complement our customer-focused approach with a collaborative, stable work environment that allows employees to succeed and make an impact. With offices in 36 countries, we have built a global community of achievers with backgrounds as diverse as their talents.

What Employees Say

Our employees tell us what they value most about working at Bio-Rad is our collaborative approach, our global reach, and our meaningful mission to improve the lives of others. Ours is a culture both of innovation and inclusion. We seek diversity in our workplace and take pride in building a workforce that spans cultures and backgrounds. The perspective you bring to our team will contribute daily to the continuous growth of our company and the betterment of the world around you. We offer a stable environment with opportunities for education and career development in addition to competitive compensation and benefits. As we cultivate our relationship with our customers and expand our business into new exciting areas, we never forget that we succeed by helping you succeed.

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Thinking About Joining Us?

Our employees form the foundation of our strength. Advancing research and improving lives require the talent, creativity, and knowledge of a diverse group acting as one. Every team member and contribution matters.

We need talent in an array of areas, from product development to sales and marketing, and R&D to administration and project management. We need scientists, managers, communicators, and manufacturers; we need ingenuity, vision, dedication, and initiative. To discover where you can contribute your unique perspective to our mission, use our Bio-Rad Career Search function to browse our current career opportunities.

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Scott Sargent, Chemist

Scott Sargent, Chemist

“Bio-Rad is a great place to work because the company promotes an atmosphere for personal and professional growth. It's been a great journey for ten years and counting.

As a chemist, the most important part of my job is making products that improve the lives of people with diabetes. Based on rapid and low-cost analyses, treatment can get to more patients. I've had many opportunities to grow at Bio-Rad, including learning and implementing new and better methods for manufacturing the reagents necessary for our products.”

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Theresa Johnson, Sr. Staff Administrative Associate

Theresa Velez,
Office Administrator

“Bio-Rad is a great place to work because the company is renowned worldwide, and I find it truly inspiring to be part of an organization that creates medical products that help people's lives.

The best part of my job is that I get the opportunity to assist my colleagues with a variety of projects, which makes my position very versatile and fun. I've also had many opportunities at Bio-Rad, including working with group management, marketing, sales, and the human resource department and learning their different functions.”