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SureBeads™ Protein G Magnetic Beads enable fast, easy, consistent immunoprecipitation without centrifugation.
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SureBeads™ Protein G Magnetic Beads and Magnetic Racks are designed for quick and easy immunoprecipitation (IP) and protein complex pull-down. SureBeads Magnetic Beads contain a superparamagnetic core, which enables rapid and highly efficient immunoprecipitation without the need for centrifugation.

Immunoprecipitation in five easy steps:

Immunoprecipitation in five easy steps

Download the SureBeads protocol for more information on immunoprecipitation with the SureBeads System.

Trial Size Available
Try a SureBeads Trial Pack.
Includes 1 ml conjugated magnetic beads and a mini magnetic rack for 4 microcentrifuge tubes.
SureBeads trial pack

Features and Benefits of SureBeads Protein G Magnetic Beads

  • Faster IP — magnetization is faster than centrifugation
  • Easier IP — beads cling magnetically to the side wall of the tube, not the bottom, for easier pipetting
  • Reliable IP — consistent IgG binding capacity ensures accurate, reproducible results. Less nonspecific binding than agarose or Sepharose Beads
  • Save on antibody costs — unique surface chemistry enables you to use less antibody
  • Easy to use — ergonomically designed SureBeads Rack with separable magnets works in seconds to magnetize the beads

Applications and Uses of SureBeads Protein G Magnetic Beads

  • Immunoprecipitation for protein isolation
  • Co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) or protein complex pull-down
  • High-affinity binding of human, rat, and mouse IgGs

Packaging Options

Conjugated Protein Bead Suspension Volume Rack Size
(Number of Tubes)
Catalog #
G 1 ml 161-4021
G 3 ml 161-4023
G 1 ml 4* 161-4821
A 1 ml 161-4011
A 3 ml 161-4013
A 1 ml 4* 161-4811
A/G 2 x 3 ml 16 161-4833
G/G 2 x 3 ml 16 161-4823
A/A 2 x 3 ml 16 161-4813
16-tube magnetic rack   16 161-4916

*Trial kit

More Information

Protein A/G Immunoprecipitation Guide

Protein A and protein G have different binding affinities for various species and subclasses of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Use the table below to select the best SureBeads products for your needs.

Monoclonal Protein A Protein G
Human IgG1 +++ +++
Human IgG2 +++ +++
Human IgG3 +++
Human IgG4 +++ +++
Mouse IgG1 + +++
Mouse IgG2a +++ +++
Mouse IgG2b ++ ++
Mouse IgG3 ++ ++
Rat IgG1 +
Rat IgG2aa +++
Rat IgG2b ++
Rat IgG2c + ++
Polyclonal Protein A Protein G
Rabbit +++ ++
Cow ++ +++
Horse ++ +++
Goat ++
Guinea pig +++ ++
Sheep +/- ++
Pig ++ ++
Rat +/- ++
Mouse ++ ++
Chicken +
Human IgG +++ +++
Human IgM +
Human IgD +
Human IgA +

– No binding
+ Weak binding
++ Moderate binding
+++ Strong binding

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Bead size
2.4–3.4 µm
Bead magnetic content
Typical IgG binding capacity
≥6 µg/mg
Solid content in slurry
Protein A/G content
9–12 µg/mg
Dispersion medium
TBS + 0.05% Tween 20 + 0.09% sodium azide




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Trial kit for protein G conjugated magnetic beads for immunoprecipitation, contains 1 ml bead suspension (10 mg beads/ml suspension) and a 4-tube magnetic rack
3 ml, suspension of protein G conjugated magnetic immunoprecipitation beads (10 mg beads/ml)
Starter kit for immunoprecipitation with protein A and G conjugated magnetic beads; 3 ml protein G bead suspension, 3 ml protein A bead suspension (10 mg beads/ml suspension), and 16-tube magnetic rack
Starter kit for immunoprecipitation with protein G conjugated magnetic beads, contains 2 x 3 ml protein G bead suspension (10 mg beads/ml suspension) and a 16-tube magnetic rack
1 ml, suspension of protein G conjugated magnetic immunoprecipitation beads (10 mg beads/ml)
Rack with high-strength magnets for rapid magnetic bead separation. Supports 16 x 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes or 2 x 15 ml conical tubes. Use with SureBeads Magnetic Beads.



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