CFX Maestro Software for CFX Real-Time PCR Instruments

CFX Maestro Software


CFX Maestro™ Software — What’s Important in qPCR?

Use this integrated software tool for setting up your experiment, selecting reference genes, performing statistical analyses — including t-tests and one-way ANOVA — within the software interface, and charting your real-time PCR results to create and export high-resolution publication-quality graphs.

Perform Data Analysis and Statistics in Seconds

The tools of CFX Maestro™ Software allow you to view, analyze, and understand your data. A baseline threshold will automatically be set for each target to calculate Cq value, or the thresholds can be adjusted by simply clicking and dragging the threshold line. If a standard curve is present, CFX Maestro Software will automatically calculate reaction efficiency.

Once Cq values are set, and with just a few mouse clicks, you can view normalized expression levels and easily perform statistical data analysis, including t-tests or one-way ANOVA.

P-value calculations can be automatically annotated to show on bar charts, box and whisker plots, and dot plots.


ANOVA data are calculated in tabular format and include post-hoc analysis and corrections for multiple observations.

View Your Most Relevant Data in One Place

Easily view all your most relevant information in one place. Choose what information to see and how many individual windows of data to display.

This view (clockwise from top left) shows amplification traces, relative expression levels, melt peak data, the well selector view, a full table of quantification results, and standard curve information and reaction efficiencies.

Create and Export High-Resolution Graphs and Charts

The graphing tools of CFX Maestro™ Software allow you to visualize and export your data in many formats, and then export at high resolution for presentations or publications.

Relative expression level data shown in bar chart form with p-values from automatic t-tests displayed. Graphs and charts can be modified with custom colors and annotations, and chart legends can be customized.

The chart above shows a clustergram of hierarchical clustering of gene data from a multi-plate study of prostate cancer data. Gene expression levels are grouped by similarity.

Data can also be visualized by scatterplot or volcano plot. The above volcano plot shows relative expression level differences and p-values for treated vs. untreated samples.

Multivariate Plate Setup with Technical Replicates and Biological Groups

Plate setup is performed using a visual interface that color codes replicates for confirmation of accurate layout. Multivariate studies can be designed with both technical replicates and biological groups.

Plate setup can be performed before, during, or after an experiment is run. The above plate shows a study designed with four different biological groups.

Reference Gene Selector Tool Based on GeNorm

The Reference Gene Selector tool in CFX Maestro™ Software will analyze a run with multiple genes and present gene stability results visually.

Genes in green are stable and are the best choice to use as reference genes. Stability data analysis is based on GeNorm, a widely accepted algorithm for calculating ideal reference genes.

Use CFX Maestro Software with CFX instruments to collect and analyze real-time PCR data with intuitive plate setup, data analysis, data visualization tools.
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New Version - Free Upgrade!

CFX Maestro 2.0 is now available as a free update for all CFX Maestro users. Please select Check for Updates from the CFX Maestro top menu (requires internet connection).

CFX Maestro Software is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use comprehensive suite of tools for collection and analysis of real-time PCR data from the CFX series of real-time PCR systems. CFX Maestro Software streamlines the process of plate setup, data collection, data analysis, and data visualization of real-time PCR data.

Key Features of CFX Maestro Software

  • Statistical analysis of data — t-tests and one-way ANOVA
  • High-resolution graphing and data visualization tools view your data in multiple formats including bar charts, box-and-whisker plots, clustergrams, and volcano plots, then edit and annotate your graphs, edit colors, and export at any resolution
  • Design complex experiments set up your plate with both technical replicates and biological groups, and view your groupings and replicates easily with a color-coded plate layout
  • Reference gene selection tools view gene stability to quickly determine the most stable reference genes for your assays
  • Multi-plate study analysis group multiple runs together to analyze all of your data from multi-plate studies together at once

Data Visualization

  • High Resolution Graphic

    High-resolution plotting and graphing

  • Data visualization by
    volcano plot

  • Hierarchical clustering of gene
    expression data

CFX Maestro for PC and Mac

CFX Maestro Software is available both for PC (Windows 7 to 10) and Mac Systems (OS X El Capitan to Sierra). CFX Maestro for Mac offers all of the comprehensive data analysis features of CFX Maestro Software, without the instrument control tools.

CFX Maestro Security Edition

For labs requiring a secure solution for real-time PCR, CFX Maestro Software is also available in a Security Edition, which offers all the features of CFX Maestro Software plus tools for compliance with U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. The security edition works with the security features of Windows operating systems to provide a secure environment.

Key Features of CFX Maestro Software, Security Edition

  • Mandatory password-protected log-in — log-in required; administrator sets user privileges
  • Time- and date-stamped audit trails — edit information is tracked and saved with each specific data file for easy tracking
  • Electronic signatures — multiple electronic signatures can be applied to a single file at any editing step
  • Hardware protection key — key must be attached to a USB port to enable the security edition features
  • File encryption — file cannot be opened or edited by another program, minimizing risk of data corruption

Product Options

Software Edition Catalog Number
CFX Maestro Software 12013758
CFX Maestro Software for Mac 12004128
CFX Maestro Software, Security Edition, 1 License   12012832
CFX Maestro Software, Security Edition, 5 Licenses   12013028
CFX Maestro Software, Chinese Edition 12012834
CFX Maestro Software, Russian Edition 12012833

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Compatible real-time PCR system CFX Opus, CFX96 Touch, CFX96 Touch Deep Well, CFX Connect, CFX384 Touch
Operating system Minimum: Windows 7, macOS X El Capitan
Recommended: Windows 10, macOS Sierra
Not Supported: macOS 10.15 Catalina and up
Processor Minimum: 2.4 GHz
RAM Minimum: 4 GB
Recommended: 8 GB
Hard drive space 128 GB
Screen resolution Minimum: 1,024 x 768
Drive USB
USB port 2.0 Hi-Speed
Languages 64-bit OS in English, Chinese, and Russian


Number Description Options
7413 Data in Harmony: Modern Approaches to qPCR Click to download
6763 Gene Expression Real-Time PCR Workflow Flier Click to download
6900 CFX Maestro Software Brochure Click to download [ Add to Cart (Free) ]
6903 CFX Maestro Software Sales Flier Click to download
10000068703 CFX Maestro Software User Guide Click to download
10000068705 CFX Maestro Software for Mac User Guide Click to download
10000068704 CFX Maestro Software Security Edition User Guide Click to download

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