NGC Column Switching Valve Module 100 ml #7884026



Pkg of 1, kit includes the necessary tubing and fittings to accommodate up to 5 columns, for column scouting and reverse flow applications using NGC 100 Chromatography Systems



Use the NGC Column Switching Valve 100 ml to connect up to 5 columns to your NGC 100 Chromatography System.

This valve has an internal bypass mode that enables buffers to bypass the connected columns when priming or cleaning the system. The valve also has the ability to reverse the flow, which is ideal for column cleaning and certain applications.

The column switching valve has one inlet port, one outlet port, and five pairs of column connection ports. The column position can be changed manually or automatically within ChromLab™ Software.

Features and Benefits of the NGC Column Switching Valve Module 100 ml

  • Has 1 inlet port, 1 outlet port, and 5 pairs of column connection ports
  • Enables quick and easy column scouting without the need to re-plumb
  • Includes integrated pressure sensors, which measure pre- and delta-column pressures and protect columns and media from overpressure
  • Features internal bypass mode, allowing buffers to bypass the connected columns when priming or cleaning the system
  • Provides reverse flow capability, ideal for column cleaning
  • Up to 3 column switching valves can be used, allowing up to 15 columns to be connected

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