Next-Generation Sequencing

NGS Library Preparation has revolutionized genomics research and has become the standard technology for large-scale genomics and transcriptomics studies. To assist researchers in answering the most complex biological questions, Bio-Rad offers a number of novel products for NGS library preparation.

Whole Transcriptome RNA-Seq

ddSEQ Single-Cell Isolator

Single-Cell NGS Library Preparation

ddSEQ Single-Cell Isolator

The ddSEQ Single-Cell Isolator is part of the Bio-Rad Single-Cell Sequencing Solution for single-cell chromatin accessibility studies.

Digital PCR Library Quantification Kits

FEATURED PRODUCTDigital PCR Library Quantification Kits

Bio-Rad's digital PCR kits allow accurate quantification of DNA libraries before next-generation sequencing (NGS) on Illumina RNA-Seq and Ion Torrent AmpliSeq Platforms.

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NGS Library Prep

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Single Cell NGS Library Prep


Instruments for NGS Library Prep