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Bio-Rad provides instructional videos for Image Lab Touch Software 2.4, covering the primary applications of the ChemiDoc MP Imaging System. These resources include the following topics: logging in, Smart Tray Technology, capturing your image and exporting data.

Tutorial Videos



Application Guides

  • Western Blot Dr. Troubleshooting Guide

    Western Blot Doctor Troubleshooting Guide

    Our self-help troubleshooting guide covers solutions to many common and not-so-common western blotting issues and helps your blots look their best.

  • Protein Blotting Guide

    Protein Blotting Guide

    (PDF 7.9 MB)
    Details on blotting technology, available products, and methods, plus tips, techniques, and troubleshooting.

  • Electrophoresis Guide

    Electrophoresis Guide

    (PDF 6.4 MB)
    A guide to polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and protein detection, including theory, product selection, protocols, and more.

FEATURED WEBINARUnderstand the Factors That are Crucial to Successful Western Blotting

Successful Western Blotting

Join Bio-Rad western blotting expert Kenneth Oh and his guest speakers for a webinar series that explores the many factors that go into the design and execution of successful and repeatable western blots. Chemiluminescence or fluorescence, qualitative or quantitative blot, not only will we discuss the how-to's, we'll take a deeper dive and discuss the why's.

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Related Products

  • Image Analysis Software

    Image analysis service and software are available with broad functionality, including automated image acquisition and analysis, data management, and regulatory compliance. 2-D analysis software is focused on protein spot detection.

  • ChemiDoc Imaging Systems

    ChemiDoc Imagers offer best-in-class performance with ease of use for fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection and all general gel documentation applications.

  • Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System

    The Trans-Blot Turbo System is a rapid protein transfer apparatus that can transfer protein to membrane in as little as 3 minutes. Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer Packs provide greater transfer efficiency in less time.

  • Protein Gels

    Protein Gels

    Find the right Bio-Rad protein gel for your application. Choose SDS-PAGE and native PAGE gels, convert to TGX Precast Gels, or choose specialized gel chemistries.

  • Protein Ladders and Standards (Markers)

    Protein Ladders and Standards (Markers)

    Prestained and unstained molecular weight standards for protein electrophoresis applications including SDS-PAGE, western blotting, 2-D PAGE, and isoelectric focusing (IEF).

  • Antibodies


    Find solutions for all your antibody needs: an extensive inventory of primary and secondary antibodies, controls, and reagents plus custom products including monoclonal generation in just 8 weeks.

  • Western Blotting

    Western Blotting

    Western blotting products include the V3 Western Workflow, protein transfer systems, blotting membranes, filter paper, premixed blotting buffers and reagents, and detection kits.

  • Protein Stains

    Protein Stains

    Stains to visualize and quantify protein bands on gels and blots: Coomassie stains, highly sensitive fluorescent stains, silver stains, negative stains, and total protein blot stains.

  • SureBeads Protein G Magnetic Beads

    SureBeads Protein G Magnetic Beads enable fast, easy, consistent immunoprecipitation without centrifugation.

  • Biologics Analysis Workflow

    Biologics Analysis Workflow

    A four-step solution for biological product analysis, this integrated system enables expedited electrophoresis, simplified staining, easy analysis, and data reproducibility.