cDNA Synthesis Kits

INTRODUCINGThe Reliance Select cDNA Synthesis Kit

Overcome challenging RT-qPCR samples in a single assay.


Reverse transcription is a crucial step for gene expression studies, sequencing, cloning, and other applications. Optimization of this step is a priority to researchers to ensure the best results downstream. We offer a variety of cDNA synthesis kits to meet researchers' needs, including high fidelity or dealing with challenging samples, difficult targets, and rare or long transcripts.

cDNA Synthesis Kits

  • Reliance Select cDNA Synthesis Kit

    Reliance Select cDNA Synthesis Kit

    The Reliance Select Kit enables researchers to synthesize cDNA with the highest level of sensitivity and robustness by utilizing the unique properties of its novel chimeric reverse transcriptase.

    Reliance Select cDNA Synthesis Kit
    • Detection of very rare transcripts
    • Processing of of samples in complex matrices, such as FFPE samples
    • Overcoming difficult inhibitors
    • Challenging targets with secondary structures and high GC concentration
  • iScript cDNA Synthesis Kits

    iScript cDNA Synthesis Kits

    iScript Reverse Transcription Reagents feature an RNase H+ MMLV reverse transcriptase plus an RNase inhibitor for reliable yields. Choose the best cDNA Synthesis kit for your application:

    Family of iScript cDNA Synthesis Kits
    • One-tube supermix
    • gDNA clearance
    • High RNA input
    • High fidelity

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Understanding Reverse Transcription

Understanding Reverse Transcription

This interactive tutorial provides an introduction to reverse transcription basics, an explanation of how different reagents work, and a protocol for comparing the results with different reverse transcription reagents.



Reliance Select cDNA Synthesis Kit: Overcome Challenging Samples
Introducing Reliance Select cDNA Synthesis Kit. Don't let difficult samples stand between you and your data. The Reliance Select cDNA Synthesis Kit was designed for samples that contain inhibitors, secondary structure, and degraded RNA, including formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.

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