Types of Gel Analysis Software

A robust imaging software package is required to analyze data and draw conclusions from PAGE applications. Sophisticated gel analysis software provides a variety of tools that enhance the user's ability to evaluate the acquired data. This section provides an overview of the various gel analysis software options offered by Bio-Rad.

Analysis Software

The software magnifies, rotates, resizes, adjusts contrast and brightness of, and annotates gel images, which can then be printed using standard and thermal printers. All data in the images can be quickly and accurately quantified. The software can measure average and total quantities and determine relative and actual amounts of proteins. Gel imaging software is also capable of determining the presence or absence and up or down regulation of proteins, their molecular weights, isoelectric points, and other values.

Bio-Rad offers two different software packages for gel imaging and analysis. Refer to the table below to find out the suitability of each of these software packages for your specific application:

  • Image Lab Touch Software — image acquisition software onboard the ChemiDoc MP and ChemiDoc Imaging System. Features include secured user accounts, multiplex fluorescence acquisition, autoexposure tools to get the best exposure every time, and multiple data export options. Images acquired on a ChemiDoc MP or ChemiDoc Imaging System can also be analyzed on a standalone PC or Mac using Image Lab Software.
  • Image Lab Software — image acquisition and analysis software that runs the ChemiDoc XRS+, Gel Doc XR+, Gel Doc EZ and GS-900 Imaging Systems. The software allows automatic configuration of these imaging systems with appropriate filters and illumination sources and allows manual or automated analysis of PAGE gels and western blots. Image Lab Software automatically identifies the image with the best signal-to-noise ratio and generates a report, and it provides sophisticated algorithms to determine the number of lanes and bands in the image. It can quantitate and compare signal intensities to determine relative signal and generate other data such as relative front values for molecular weight determinations.

Software & Instrument Compatibility

    Onboard Acquisition
    Desktop Analysis
    Acquisition & Analysis

  Image Lab Touch 2.4 Image Lab Touch 2.3 Image Lab 6.0.1
For Mac
Image Lab 6.0.1
For Windows
Image Lab Security Edition for Windows*
ChemiDoc MP Imaging System          
ChemiDoc Imaging System          
ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System          
ChemiDoc XRS+ System          
Gel Doc XR+ System          
Gel Doc EZ System          
GS-900 Densitometry System          

*US FDA CFR Part 11
For researchers requiring a software package that helps enable US FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliance please consider purchasing Image Lab Software Security Edition. This software package and US FDA CFR 21 Part 11 adherence are compatible with all imaging systems except the ChemiDoc Touch System.

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